Connectivity pairing error

Hello I got the OPC UA server running and connected to my VC simulation.
However when I try to pair 2 variables I get the following error

I’m trying to understand what is going on here. Any help is apreciated.
By the way I am trying to connect an integer property value in the sim to an integer data type in my PLC.

as shown in this picture

What PLC?

If the OPC UA server of that PLC does not specify a limit it is by default 0 if I recall so just ignore the error and keep on trucking *honk *honk

That limit is helpful to know, so the client does not send more updates than the server can handle, but hey who needs limits?

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Hi Zesty

Thanks for the quick response!

I’m connecting to a UPC UA server created by factorytalk gateway connected to studio 5000 logix emulate virtual PLC.

The communication seems to work perfectly fine so I think you are right and I can just ignore the error.

I’m not too familiar with OPC and how to get to those limit settings. But seems to be all good.

The OPC UA standard defines these properties that are optional for the server to provide, but must not be 0. So that server is not standard-compliant.


Any operational limits Property that is provided shall have a non zero value.

VC reads those limits from the server if they are available, and then tries to optimize the reads from server by reading all the variables in a cyclic group with a single request if it fits into the limits.