Connecting paths issue

Dear all,
I encounter an issue with transporting components (carriers) in continuous loops (on chains) in paternoster type of machine. File added. As you can see, I “steal” some code from added paternoster conveyor and changed it.
When I put (in python script) just one carrier, then everything works as it should, but when I put on the loop more carriers (ex. 35) then transporting between paths isn’t working properly. It’s “jamming” or how could I say. This kind of situation is when transfering from linear to cubic type of paths.
I tried everything - from manually connecting paths, changing type of paths, updating everything I could …
I read, that one possible problem would be paths grabbing carriers, but I can’t solve this by myself.

Thank you all for help or showing a way to it.
FKP.vcmx (17.7 MB)

I simplify the problem. Still when situation, that there are carriers on “Path2” and/or “Path4”, they will start late, and thus break down the pattern. Is it a problem, that both Paths has a circlic path shape?
Problem attached.
Verizniki.vcmx (109.7 KB)