Connect Processors to fixed point

Hi everybody,

Currently I am working with conveyors utilities and I am noticing something.

When I connect a processor to the conveyor, it will always connect to the path behaviour of the conveyor. Is there a way to connect multiple processors to frames that are on a fixed position?

  • I tried using the hierarchy interface but then it is not connected to the path as a processor interface
  • I am aware that you can set a distance in the properties tab to adjust the position but I want to snap a processor to the conveyor without taking an extra step
The reason I ask this is because I am using my own conveyor and I designed a stacker component that I want to snap to the center of the conveyor.

So my conveyor will be clean and the program code will be in the stacker component. When I add the stacker component to the conveyor now it will not be centered from the start.

Thank you in advance.

I found the solution and it works great, thanks everybody!