Connect Integer signals


I have created a component (control panel potentiometer) that outputs a value through an Integer Signal behaviour. I have created a display component capable of showing a value as text with an Integer Signal behaviour used as input. However, i can’t figure out how to connect the two. I was expecting, that the Integer Signals would show up when i click “Signals” in the Home or Modelling tab (just like the boolean signals). But this is not the case.
So, how do you show/connect Integer signals?

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You will need to add interface behaviours to your components, add the signals to those interfaces and then connect the interfaces.

Connecting Boolean signals “directly” is a special UI functionality that actually creates hidden interfaces and then connects those.


Hi TSy

Perfect. That works.
Thank you very much for your help!


do you have the IntegerSignal in the List of Signals to connext to other components? How have you defined the IntegerSignal that is it visible there?

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Hy @TSy,

how are they defined, I wanna do the same with my all my signals? :slight_smile:

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Hi Captain

The IntegerSignal deos NOT show in the list of signals. But it shows up in the Interfaces list.
I still defined the IntegerSignal as a behaviour in the component. But then i also added an Interface behaviour and in that interface configured a signal field that points to the IntegerSignal. I need, of course, to configure a similar interface in the component I want to connect to. And then i can connect the signal via the interface list.

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thank you for your detailed description! :slight_smile:

Hmmmm would be pretty to handle this signals also over the Signal-Connections…

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