Connect Components

Hi there,

i just started testing VC - Professional. Im trying to connect one component which is moving on a conveyor with another component which is a child component on a works process. Later i want to disconnect those components. The component moving on a conveyor should keep doing so and the second component should move on a works process close to the conveyor.

I found two API methods that could do the trick for me: app.connectComponents(c1, c2) and node.attach(). The connect method works well for me but i struggle to get the disconnect part to work. Is there a method or trick someone know to do so?

Thank you in advance


I have a similar problem with my implantation. In my layout I want to connect a component create by a feeder (in my layout my feeder is a link what I created) to my another link during the simulation after the movements of joints (link1 who has feeder and the second link who has the element what I want to connect with the component create) .
I use Python in Visual Components Premium for this.
Thanks for your help

mark,i have same problem in my vc.I want to connect the four blocks, the robot grabs them to a platform, and then another robot goes to disassemble them.