Configure and build Flow steps correctly

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I am currently working on a simulation where I have warehouse shelfs and need to transport products in and out from the shelf with a crane but there is also a feeder and a sink as well.

In this picture you can see the processes. On the right side I have two conveyours and on top I have my sink and feeder.

So on one side the products should come from the conveyour on the right side, gets picked from the crane, gets stored in the shelf and from there it should go to the sink because I have some kind of evaluation in there.
On the other side I have the feeder which feeds products into the shelf, these should then be taken from the crane and put to the other conveyour.

The problem that I have, I want to put these two flows into one flow group because of the products I have but if I create my flow like in the picture some parts that come from the feeder also go to the sink even though the should just go to conveyour and the products from the conveyour are only put into one place all the time regardless of the settings in the buffer.

Has someone more experience with creating flows and can give me a hint or something like that to how I can create these two flows into one flowgroup so that parts from feeder ONLY go to shelf and then conveyour and part coming from conveyour ONLY got to shelf and then to the sink.

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create a product property and write the value in feeder and From Conveyor Out processes with assign statement for this product property.

in toconveyor out and sink processes you set a product property filter.

Hi anhu,

that is a very good hint!
I just tried it out and it works as intended. Thanks a lot for helping.

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