Configuration Warnings


I’m working with a UR3 Robot for a simple pick and place of a known workpiece in order to figure out some unreachable positions due to either joint limits or robot’s reachable workspace.

Working with Robot Executor i can simply get warnings on the output without any problems,while working with vcRobotController i dont get any feedback for mentioned issues,robot simply grabs object and releases it wherever it is.

Using for example :


target = controller.createTarget(m1r)


warnings = target.getConfigWarnings()
print warnings “”"""

where m1r is a desired target.

Any highlight is appreciated.


There is a known issue with the getConfigWarnings() method. A workaround is to use the ConfigCount to do for-loop using the getConfigWarning() method.

warnings = []

for i in range(vcMotionTarget.ConfigCount):

print warnings
Note: You might encounter issue with an issue when comparing the results with constant/integer values. For example, you might only want 000/reachability OK configurations for motion target, so you could try:

warnings = []

for i in range(vcMotionTarget.ConfigCount):
result = vcMotionTarget.getConfigWarning(i)
if result == 0: warnings.append(result)

print warnings

This is what i get for both PTP motion and Linear interpolation. Despite the joint limits exceeded all i get is Zero which should be no issues of what i understood.



With a generic robot and UR3 I can get errors targets that are unreachable or exceed limits – see attached layout.

Test-Config-Warnings-with-vcMotionTarget.vcmx (499 KB)

Config-Warning-Test-with-UR3.vcmx (981 KB)