Components consisting of other components

Is there an option to model Components consisting out of simpler components?

I want to simulate a complex system and therefore it would be easier for me to separate the logic into several smaller components. But at the end of the day I just want to drag and drop a single component in my layout (that includes not only the geometry but the whole logic of all the embedded components)

In the Home tab, you can select multiple components and press the Group button.
This will allow you to always select the whole group as one and more easily move it around or change similar properties.


Hi @Este thanks for your quick reply!
With the group option I can move a set of components together, but I still cannot save them as a single component consisting of two sub-components and in the future for example save it as a single component to be inserted in a new layout.

I think if you attach components together and then save the root component it will actually also save the attached components with it.
I’m not sure if thats an “officially supported feature” or just an useful quirk, so you might run into problems if you start utilizing that heavily.

Also, have you tried just saving such complex things as layouts as those can be merged into other layouts from eCat similar to components. If each such layout contains a group they would be easier to manage.

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it’s definetely useful…


@TSy thanks for your reply! Attach button worked fine for my problem and allowed me to create parent child relations and save complex components consisting of other simpler ones.

Sadly, when you make changes to a component in your library folder, older Layouts are not automatically updated, so you have to be careful and re-import your complex components from your library. But this is the same for layouts consisting of simpler layouts.