Component Works Process not connected can

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my simulation , the task
‘TransportOut’ does not work. At the end of each simulation i have this error message [Error found in component Works Process #5: Component Works Process #5 not connected]

test1_rokhaya.vcmx (4.0 MB)

Can anyone help me to debug.

PS : i have already use the task ‘Merge’

Hi @rsow

Transport In and Transport Out are used when the Works Process is connected as an individual component along the path. Now you have the Works Process connected ‘on top of’ the other conveyor.

In this case, you should use the Sensor Conveyor command. You have already used it for getting the pallet in, so try modifying the tasks so that you use Sensor Conveyor to get the pallet out.

Hi @Este ,

Thank you it’s working now.

I have another problem , if you can help me for these production line :slight_smile:
Roxy_test1_ligne.vcmx (2.8 MB)

I want to assembly cylinders on the Block Geo and after TransportOUT . I have already done a program in the robot#3 and i have used the Define Base Statement to set the reference Base but it doesn’t work and only the cylinder is transporting out .

Can i use tasks with the WP #5 and a robot program in the same time for moving components?

For this line ,
test1_rokhaya.vcmx (4.3 MB)

I have this error message ,

[ Inline Process #2::ProcessExecutor__HIDE__::PickCube::Transport Out error: Failed to determine the next process group for the Product.]

While The next process group is defined as being the robot so i don’t understand this error message .