Component Path Sensor doesnt trigger on correct position



We’re trying to use cartesian robot to rotate parts, so each of the sides of the part would get treated on a conveyor. But it seems that if the part is rotated the componentpathsensor stops trigger regarding the component, and still triggers at the old position of the component? Can’t explain it fully, thus I’ve a video.

What could be the problem here? Same thing happens with a robot rotating the part, it doesn’t register properly at the sensor when it has been rotated.


Here’s the example simulation, where the part is supposedly stopped at the sensor conveyor and starts moving after a few seconds.


Are we doing something wrong, or have we missed something? The rotating part in this example is the “Rotator Conveyor” which is available in the eCatalog.




In your layout, what is the Component Path Sensor set to detect: the component origin, leading edge, trailing edge?



We’re using detect leading edge because we want the front of the part stopped always at the same spot. Exactly like in real life. :slight_smile:

Is raycast the only solution in the end?

I think your problem is:

  1. You connected your sensor on 'PnP' mode.
  2. After connection you moved your sensor on 'Move' mode or just moved it with the coordinate system
That causes those kind of problems. Because if you don't connect your part on PnP mode conveyor only remembers the old connected placement.

We’re aware that sometimes the old location of the sensor stays “haunting”, but that is not the case in this, as we are using a sensor conveyor. This hasn’t been moved or adjusted by PnP :slight_smile:

The conveyor sensor itself is just for debugging and seeing the BoundDiagonal values of the component that enters the conveyor.

It sure does seem to “remember” the old orientation of the piece. The visual orientation has changed, but the “ghostly” old geometry still keeps triggering the sensor.