Component creating

Hi to all. I’d need to help with Process modeling, exactly with product creation.

I have Proces Feeder in my flow and it creates products. Am I able somehow to set any properties of the created products? For example ProdID or others?

Maybe with “Assign Variable Statement”…?

Thank you in advance for your help.



If memory serves you can directly use the assign statement
Assign ProductIn.Component.your_prop_here
Basically the syntax here is:

for example:


Thank you for quick reply. May I ask here a bit different topic, or should I create new task?

I’m struggling with AGV, I need to transport two parts at once. So a created process point where parts come. I have AGW with capacity of two components. And if two components comes the AGV transport them. The problem is when I have an odd number in order. So the last part is not transported by AGV, because it waits for two.

The process should be:

  1. the feeder creates X products, where X I can change
  2. products arrive at the process point from where should be transported to the next process
  3. comes AGV and takes two parts for transport to the next process point, but if only the last one is there, it should take only this one