Color Group Manager

I figured out that coloring CAD models can be a little bit of a pain, because you have to click on each single feature by hand if you do not want to color the whole link or component. (At least I couldn’t figure out another way)

That’s why I made a little addon which is available in the “Modeling” tab of VC that makes this job way easier. It allows you to create color groups which have a reference to multiple features. You can then easily set the color for these features either via the addon or via the “Colors” tab in the component’s properties.

The button “Select Group Features” allows to select all features assigned to the current color group. This way you can easily append more features to the group or remove some. Just don’t forget to press “Set Color Group” after editing to save the changes.

Tutorial Video:


Please let me know if you have any suggestions or find any bugs.

  • Johnny (3.42 KB)

Hi Johnny

Very usefull addon if you are doing lots of modeling stuff.

Thanks for sharing.

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