Collision Avoidance and Path Planning

Did someone made some experience with path planning and collision avoidance? Are there any pitfalls, which can’t be solved on the user side?

The builtin collision checker for 3d models works quite nice and can hopefully be used for path planning. Python kinematics should be the right place for implementation of path planning.

It can be done, VC APIs are too good, no pitfall so far, I use PRM(Probabilistic Roadmap Method) to solve.

Oh, nice! How did you solve it? Via the Python API?

I use .NET, did not use 3rd library, so I think it can also be done by using Python API.


Your tool looks pretty awesome! May I ask you your computers’ specs? According to your videos, the calculation seems to be rapidly fast. What functions have you used to generate the map and validate collisionfree paths between the nodes?

My notebook is Lenovo P53, the first video is pretty fast indeed, the second one I speed up the loading part, because collision-free point does not means collision-free path, so need more detail check, it takes time.

About generate map, no built-in function, need to do it yourself, but it’s not hard, create collision-free points first, then connect the points, last use A* to find the path.

About validate, simply use built-in collision detection function.

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