Clone componens

This addon allows user to clone components along X, Y or Z axis.

How to use:

  1. Select a component (or multiple components)
  2. Launch the command on the Home tab from Tools group in the ribbon.
  3. Command properties in the action panel
    1. Coordinates: Choose World coordinates to clone along world x,y,z axis or Object to clone along the local x,y,z axis of the selected component
    2. Axis: Choose the direction of clone from positive or negative x, y or z axis
    3. Step: Distance between each clone instance
    4. Count: Number of total clones including the original selected component.
    5. Apply: Click this when happy with the other settings. Will execute the actual cloning.
    6. Clear: Clears the visualization clones. Use this in case you decide not clone. Closing the command won't clear the visualization.
  1. Download the addon below from attachments
  2. Extract the zip file into C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Visual Components\4.2\My Commands
  3. Restart Visual Components
Note: this addon is a refined version of (110 KB)