Choose part to feed on a bowl feeder


I’m not able to feed the part I want on the bowl feeder. There’s an option that allows me to choose an Attached Part (image), but when I try it it never works.


you have to use hierarchy. Attach your part to bowl feeder. Change in bowl feeder the property “Product” to Attached Part:

After that You can find the properties of your part in tab Product Properties:

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Yes, I’ve done that:

But it keeps feeding the same part and this is what I get in the “ProductProperties”:

Thanks for helping. Do you understand what’s wrong?

maybe you changed the value of the property “Product” before attaching the component?
try changing the value of the property again to hexagonal nut and then back to attached part

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That was actually it, thank you.

I intended to feed a part with physics, so it would fall after leaving the bowl feeder. I thought attaching a part with an In Physics entity behavior would make it work, but it didn’t happen. Could you possibly help me here as well?