Check if controller's task container is empty

Hi all,

I’m trying to configure a layout using PM Flow and I was hoping someone could help me with a problem I’m facing.

The layout consists of a Robot connected to a Robot Transport Controller, and I would like the robot to go to it’s home position ONLY if there are no tasks. I know the possibility of using autohoming, however this unfortunately does not work for this application.

Wondering, is there a possibility to get to know if the tasks in a controller’s task container is empty?
This way I can use it as an if statement in a process node.

If container == empty
Runrobotroutine "home’

Or does anyone know of any other solution using it as a function in a process node?

I’m not sure to understand why AutoHoming doesn’t work in your case, as it drives the robot in its Home position when the robot is Idle (= has no tasks) after a delay… Could increasing this Delay solve your problem?

Otherwise, I suppose you could indeed try to use a ProcessNode to check with GetProperties or with signals, if there are Products in your other processes for example, and if not, do a RunRobotRoutine…

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It’s difficult to explain because I can’t share the layout, but I sort-off needed there to be two different home-positions which is why the autohoming didn’t solve the problem.

But I got it to work in the meantime by using signals, thank you for the suggestions!