Charging time statistic?

Hi. I have pie graph tracking various states of my vehicles and one of the things it auto tracks is a stat called state.chargingpercentage. Anyone know what this is? My vehicles are not charging at any location and they are picking up and object and carrying it out to an install point (there are 8 vehicles). Charging is ranging from 10%-20% of my overall pie chart and i can’t figure out what it is…

Thanks for your help!


“Charging” indicates that Your resource is running out of juice and tries to find charging location (that may not be in Your layout). In latest process modelling resources, You can turn off power feature from the “resource>power>Enabled” and in Works resources, You could change “resource>power>initial capacity” to some really high number to ensure that Your resources do not run out of power.

I hope this helps.

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