Charge AGV when Idle

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I am new to AGVs/Forklifts etc.
I would like to send the forklift/agv to the ReCharging Location when it’s idle in order to charge it during the idle time.
How can I implement it?
I already found out that the agv is searching for an idle frame in each component, which is not in the ReCharging Location. Simply adding the frame sent the agv to the location but it’s not recharging.

Here a simple Simulation:
Load_AGV_when_Idle.vcmx (511.9 KB)

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Can anyone help me with this problem? :slight_smile:


You have to make adjustments in power tab for the forklift. Initial capacity and recharge limit option must be changed.

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Thank you for your response.
Unfortunately, I don’t see how this would allow the forklift to recharge, when it’s idle.

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