Changing ProdID using UserVariables

Hello everyone,

I am trying to change the ProdIDs of my pallets using a works process.
ProdIDs are coming from a PLC-System that has been linked via OPC UA to a local UserVariables (Typ: Integer).
I can see the correct value of the UserVariable, but I am not able to assign this value to the ProdIDs of my pallets.

Any ideas how to realize my plans?

Thanks in advance!

If you are talking about ProdID property that is used by Works library, it is type string. Are you using a ChangeID task? I don’t remember if there was an update in which the NewProdID property supports string expression, e.g. str(UserVariable). Otherwise, a simple script could be done that when the UserVariable value changes, it sets the value of another UserVariable that is of type string, and then use that UserVariable to assign the ProdID