Changing grasp point

I’m creating basic simulation using generic gripper and basic shapes from library. I want robot to grasp the cylinder from side instead of top. How to do it?
I’m using VC Essentials version 4.2.

If you are using robot programming, you can change the grasping position freely by adding new positions to the robot program.

For Process Modeling, you can record the robot picking routine, then modify and use the modified routine for picking. I’m not sure how well this works in 4.2, but at least in 4.3 and 4.4 it works well.

Check the Academy to learn more.
For basic robot programming: Robot Programming with Visual Components Essentials 4.0 | Visual Components Academy
For Process Modeling robot controller: Robot Transport Controller - Manual | Visual Components Academy

Ok. I guess that I need to update the latest version first and come back again if I can’t manage it.