Changing Conveyor Direction

Hello All,

I am working on a conveyor system and need to be able to change the path direction of the product. Currently I have some cross conveyors and a two way path conveyor. The product flow to the cross conveyor, where it is directed to the right side. Once the product is clear of the cross conveyor, an operator does their process, and hits a palm button to change direction of the product to the cross conveyor. My main goal is to change the direction in a Works Process Tray.

Conveyor-Direction.avi (2.42 MB)

You have some options, if you have the Model section enable, you can edit the flow the product with the frame in the works process, but a easier use two works process in the same position but one 180° flipped and switch in one point of the process the product erase in the first and create in the second with a WriteSignal and Waitsignal you can switch in the same time, and the second works can be change the direction.

Thank you for trying to help. The problem with trying to layer Works Process Trays on top of each other is they can’t share the same PnP Point on the conveyor.

While working through another project I came across a Task named “Change Path Direction”. This did exactly what I was looking for. A lot of these issues seemed to already be solved in VC it is just a matter of figuring it out. I know some where on the forum a member created a reference guide for the task list, but it isn’t always up to date. It would be nice to have a video series going over each of the tasks and what is needed for them to work.