Change type of product into an assembly


I have some products on a pallet (into an assembly) and I want to replace the product type without transporting them in and out. I tried to remove the products and create the new type, but could not put them back into the assembly. Any ideas?


Did you try using GetAssembly statement to get a list of products and then pass those to a ChangeType statement?

Thanks @TSy, I forgot to mention that the product I want to change is an assembly itself and ChangeType does not work with assemblies as far as I know.

I’ve tried deleting the “sub-assy” and creating the new one in component container but I’m not able to finish the main assembly step with this new “sub-assy” (I tried with TransportIn from component container but it doesn’t work).

EDIT: I’m having this error, I’ve tried to select only one of the assemblies with SelectProducts but it keeps creating a list:

Construct error: Expected process variable “Caps” to have value type “Ref” but the type is “List<Ref >”.