Change line color for Statistics

Hi there,

I was using quite alot of data series in a chart while using statistics. After twelve data series, the list of colors that were used in the first twelve repeated itself. When I wanted to set the color for the lines, I found this:

app = getApplication()

dashboard = app.Dashboard
tab = dashboard.SelectedTab
chart1 = tab.Charts[0]
data_series1 = chart1.Series

color =,255,255)
data_series1[1].Colors = [color]

I was assuming that I could give RGB code as a color since (1,0,0) gives red, (0,1,0) gives green and (0,0,1) gives blue. Strangely, (0,255,255) resulted in a very dark color instead of cyan that I was looking for.

Does anyone here know what color code is used by Visual Components in their statistics? Or can I link the lines to an existing material from the material library?

Thanks for your help!


I think the color coding is proportional (factor) value between 0…1 (of 0…255) for R,G and B. Meaning that 127,127,127 (RGB) would be roughly, 0.5, 0.5) and cyan (0,255,255) would be 0,1,1 as a color vector.