Change Frame visibility

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I am looking for a way to change the visibility of frames from frames with a .net add on.
In fact, I want to have the option to do the same as this buttons in the interface.

In the documentation, I think this is the class I need to use, but I can not find an object from this class in the application, window, camera, …

Can anyone give a hint or an example how it would be possible to change the visibility of the frames?

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That FrameTypeConfigElement is for storing those frame visibility settings in the user config file.

I think the easiest way to temporarily change what frames are visible is to use the ILayerControl interface.
You can [Import] it or use IoC.Get<ILayerControl>().

There are also some UI-side interfaces for manipulating those settings, but it is much more complicated.

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Thank you for the reply.
This is indeed a working solution for the problem!