Cell graph / Feature Tree with imported models (layouts)


when importing a native inventor (.iam) or STEP File (Layout of a robotic cell, assembly), VC handles it like a single part. I cannot choose, hide or separate different components of my assembly.

This feature would be very nice, as we like to check our designs on functionality: --> Import robot cell from CAD to VC --> Hide robot and gripper (and other parts like fences, windows … of the cell) --> replace robot from CAD with a functional robot from VC --> Check movements, reach, programming, …

Right now, we have to delete these components in Inventor, save the design to a separate file and open it in VC. But then we have no more possibilities to make changes in VC.

I hope you understand our problems.


Hi Stephan,

please check your import setting. Make sure that the option FeatureTree > Full is activated.

Import setting

If this option fails and the geometry is still collapsed in the components feature tree you can use the Split command in the Tools ribbon group to split your geometry.

Afterwards you could use the Extract component command to separate your imported geometry into multiple components.

Hi Ralle,

thanks for your quick response. Feature Tree “full” is activated.

I should have mentioned, that we are using Essentials without modelling (we had a Demo licence with modelling before, where we could use the splitting features).

Is there any chance, we can split our assemblies on the home tab (maybe in future versions)? Would be very helpful.


Hi Stephan,

geometry handling is part of the component modeling and component modeling is dedicated to the Professional level. In general geometry is always imported as one new component.

Splitting geometry in the Home tab in Essentials is only possible with a custom extension of Essentials (e.g. a Python- or .NET command). But in Essentials you can only save layouts and not components. So if you would like to reuse imported geometry as components, you will need a Professional to administrate and save the components.




ok, thank you for the explanation. In this case, I don’t really ask for changing, editing or saving geometry, but to identify the different components of an imported assembly and being able to hide or delete unwanted objects (so I can replace my static robot by a functional one and I can attach my gripper to it for example).

Saving as a layout is sufficient, too.

Beste regards, Stephan