Cartesian Robot - Transport parts with Z-Axis on 0


I am new to Robot Programming/Works Processes.

I would like to transport workpieces with a cartesian robot using works processes. The problem I am facing is that the path is directly from one works process to the other (including the z-offset from pick and place) which leads to “collisions” in other 3D modells.

I would like to move the Z-Axis always to 0 before moving in X or Y direction and keep the Z-Axis to 0 until X and Y finished positioning, as seen below.

I also added the testproject.

Does anyone have an idea on how to do that?

Thanks in advance for your help!

RobotPickAndPlace.vcmx (187 KB)

Hy Jürgen,

I would do this by teach your gantry some Points at the predefined Steps from the WorksProcesses at the Program-Tab! -> See Layout attached.



RobotPickAndPlace_Teached.vcmx (2.11 MB)

Hello JuergenB

You can also use pick/place approach properties of Works Process.

I edited your layout so you can check.

RobotPickAndPlace_Fix.vcmx (1.98 MB)

Hello Everyone,

Someone know a solution for the same issue with the gantry z offset? If it is possible i prefer not to change the robot programms…

I changed the layout below to processmodeling

Thanks a lot


RobotPickAndPlace_PM.vcmx (1.5 MB)

Hello Maximum

You can do exactly same thing on PM too. You can check the example and screenshot that i attached.

RobotPickAndPlace_PM_Fix.vcmx (1.56 MB)

Fine, thanks! But i’ve another question…

Is it possible to define an X or Y Offset for loading /Unloading the works process?


try “TeachLocation” in Works. I think in Process Modelling it works equally.