Carrier conveyor with curves

I’m trying to make a conveyor with curves that can go around on a track. Where the carriages run individually and can stop for work in different places.

My question is if anyone has any tips on which way to go to make it easier for the carriages to follow the track. As JointType have Translational or rotational.

Welcome to the VC Forum Tizzer,

Based on what you mentioned, I wouldn’t be looking at a joint type as the solution. I think your best bet would be to have external sensors where you want the element to stop, and just have a one-way path. With Python you can stop the element in place and you would have to add some kind of logic to avoid collisions. That is how I would go about it and I think you could easily make something like this with existing conveyor options as your “rail” and a simple basic Geo as your “carrier”. There may be a better way than what I am suggesting but that’s all I can think of on the spot.

On a side note make sure you look at examples of continuous conveyors as you may need two one way paths that connect with each other.

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