Capacity in mobile robotics

Good afternoon,
We are having trouble with a flow in which we need an agv to be able to transport 3 boxes from 3 different process nodes into the same sink node, we`ve already tried to increase the capacity of the mobile controller and its set to “many to one” but its still not working.
What could we do? thanks!
TripleTransport.vcmx (158.2 KB)

Your Sink process is only asking for 1 product at a time. You can start multiple transport in requests simultaneously with start transport in, and then wait until all transports are completed with the wait transport command.

Then, set the transport controller strategy to Many-to-… so that the resource is sent to collect multiple items at once.

Thank you! it was really helpfull, im uploading the succesfull file in case anyone in the forum might need it later!
TripleTransportsolucionado.vcmx (155.3 KB)

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