Can't access VCID from ComponentData?


I’d like to access the VCID of a component. I can get all other meta data, but the VCID is not accessible? Is there any other way?

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I have not checked, but can’t you get that from vcComponent object?

vcComponent has a .VCID property that you can read. Note that if you have just created and not yet saved a component, it does not have a VCID.

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Yea i know the vcComponent has an accessible VCID, that requires me to open the file though. We have our own quite large library of files(about 4000), and i would need to access all of those VCIDs. Feels like opening, and then closing all of those files to access the VCID would be a big heavy.

Do you have any other suggestion to how i could access it?

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You could create a script that loads every component from a certain folder, and reads the VCID value.

Alternatively, you could read that from the vcmx file metadata if you can open it programmatically. I’m not sure, but maybe the python vcHelpers.VcmFile could help with this.

I would recommend doing any such eCat library search operations using a .NET plugin instead.