cans do not follow the conveyor belt

I am trying to slide the cans on the belt, I also changed the gravity direction on output 0 but without success.
I also followed the various tutorials …
test_nastri.vcmx (115.6 KB)

I enclose the project I hope someone can help me.
Thank you

Hello Mike,

I ran into this problem in the past and did come up with a solution with Python I believe but it was very complicated. Out of my curiosity is there any particular reason you do not use Process Modeling or Works for this type of pick and place? I think that the easiest solution is to do this with Works or Process modeling.

thanks for your answer.
I’m at the first experiences with Visual Components, I’m PLC Programmer and I just try do something and I thought was easier place the cans on this way. I then followed this project found in the forum:

Forum-GravityDirection-and-Depth-of-Tray-Slot.vcmx (233.0 KB)

and I just had to change the gravity in my project, as they said in the forum, and everything works.
But what do you mean by using Process Modeling or Works?
Thanks Again…

Hey Mike I’m happy you found a solution! I forgot about that one since I don’t use robot programing that often now. Works process and Process Modeling are different ways to run a simulation. You are using “Robot Programing” which is fine for specific situations and important to understand. If you go to the “Visual Components Academy” you can learn about all of these methods. Works Processing is getting out of date and everything from now on is really focused on Process Modeling. Good luck!

thanks for the advice … :+1: :+1:

test_nastri.vcmx (2.9 MB)