Cannot access ProductComponent properties via code

I have tried to access the “Interval” and “Part” properties of the ProductCreator of a Feeder process, but the only properties I can reach out to are the default ones.

Does anyone have an idea how I can access the ProductCreator ´tab properties?


What you see there is not (just) properties but custom UI for the product creator behavior.
The behavior has its own Python API for configuration, see vcProductCreator in the Python API help file.

Thank you TSy,

The vcProductCreator in the Python API states the following.
How can I create a distribution property?

I have also looked at vcComponentCreator in the Python API.

Replacing ComponentCreator by ProductCreator does not make any difference.

This is these code I am using to check whether the property is accessible.

feeder = app.findComponent(“Feeder Process”)

p = feeder.Properties
for x in range(len(p)):
print p[x].Name

If I do the same for a component that has 3 tabs with properties, they arre all listed in the output, what does not happen for the Feeder Process.

With vcProductCreator you don’t need to create any properties, its configuration is not based solely on properties but each of the modes have their own objects that can be configured.

Difference between the component creator and product creator behaviors is that the latter creates Process Modeling product instances, and the first only creates dynamic components which won’t work with PM processes.

Also the “Properties panel” for components doesn’t only show component properties but properties from any behaviors of the component as separate tabs, but it depends on the behavior type if anything is shown. Further, it is possible to extend the Properties panel to show completely custom content which does not necessarily need to correspond to any properties anywhere.