Can we pass signals to component feeded using process statements?

Cardboard_box_with_signals.vcmx (36.4 KB)
Hello, I have modelled a cardboard box component and want to use io-signals to close the flaps and lids.
The cardboard box is fed as flat in the start using process feeder and continued to other processes. How can I send signal to carboard box so that i can have the box input signal in several process nodes and close the box step by step?
Any other method to perform such operation?
PS: I cannot use box erector from e-catalog due to the project need.
Simulating something like this type of box erection and closing : ADCO Model Compact 4 - Compact Vertical Cartoner - YouTube

Hi @miga94
you can close Boxes within processes by directly accessing their joint values:

In this example Iā€™m closing a lot of joints a once. this method works only if the Box-Product is in the process.
Hope this helps!


Thank you. This helped.

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