Can this software simulate the manufacturing process?

I am a rookie and just used this software for a month. It has not yet been found how to set up the machine to simulate the component processing. I mean, showing the process of changing the properties of the material being processed.

Can someone help me?


Hello you can check ‘Press Line’ from Demo Layouts.

Thanks for your advice. I just went to see the “press line”. But I feel that the shape change of the material still occurs in an instant. Probably because this is a forging process. The function I want to see or can achieve is a slow material processing change process. As the VERICUT software can demonstrate the process of process change.

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There isn’t any built-in functionality for material removal simulation so if such animations are important for you, you need to make your own implementation with scripting.

This sounds very challenging and I need to learn scripting. Thanks for your advice!