can doesnt stay on pallet when moving on conveyor visual components

Hi, I can’t find how to fix so my cans stays on the pallet when moving on the conveyor.

Been looking thru the forum for people having the same kind of problem, Found some with tiers and boxes, but I don’t have the same options as they do inside Visual components.

Can also mention that I’m a student and quite new with the software.

Running Visual components premium 4.1

All help is appreciated

Attach your layout.

Here is the file

Best regards Patrick

palleringdricka2.vcmx (203 KB)

GravityDirection should be 11.5-13. This allows the cans to collide with pallet during release, thereby the cans are attached to the pallet. Anything larger say 25mm would detect the conveyor, so the cans would be attached to conveyor not the pallet. Anything less say 10 would not attach the cans to anything and release them to 3D world.

There is an issue though where the first can is not being attached to pallet, so consider changing the geometry of the pallet.

I added one motion statement and comment in your robot program. The motion is lowering the cans to be placed in a tray slot and touching the bottom of the slot. I then set GravityDirection of output 1 action to 1mm.

Forum-GravityDirection-and-Depth-of-Tray-Slot.vcmx (233 KB)

Ah thanks alot!
In what courses, lessons, webinars do we go true GravityDirection funktions and more of that kind.
I had totaly missed this one.

Mapping Signals to Actions in Robot in Help.

Signal Grasp and Release Actions in Academy, specifically 1:34 time mark

Not sure if it is covered in Robotics Webinar, but there is a section about signal actions


Once again big thanks for your help and time!

Hey guys,

I have such a similar problem under KUKA Sim Pro. Have a Chassi developed and let it drive over a conveyor belt. Then a component is to be attached to the roof of the chassis. When the robot drops the part, it gets stuck in the 3D world and is not carried along.

I am also a student and would like to get help in this matter.