Camera Animator

Is there anyone who has experienced problems with the Camera Animator? For me, it lives its own life. It changes both times and view arrangements after I press play. Doesn’t matter if I have Simulation time or Relative time. I also have problems when I put a new line inside the Camera Animator then the lines jump, the line above the new line jump up and settle in a completely different place.

Yes, it’s a bit of a mess. What I do is run the simulation first and use the View Editor to make the views I want to use. I then run the simulation again to get or confirm the simulation time I want for each view. After that, I then go to the Camera Animator and input it all there.

I have the same problem with the Camera Animator. Therefore I am using the component called “Fly Camera”. The Fly Camera is a bit older but has the same functions and works without any problems.