Bug with wait for binary input?

Sometimes wait for binary input just gets stuck as if the signal is never sent.
I’ve got a program that loops 48 times for machine tending.

The robot sends an output to the machine to close the door(action signal true) ,
waits for left signal true
delays for a process time,
sends signal to open (action signal false)
waits for right signal true

it runs smoothly for the first 11 parts then gets stuck for no reason.
I can fix it by deleting the wait right=true statement then putting it back but the bug will happen again later, particulalry if i increase the simulation speed.

Is there a way to make the program more robust and elss likely to miss signals? I’ve tried putting a delay in between the open door output and the wait open input.
There’s also the wait trigger checkbox but I’m unsure how that changes the statement.


The WaitTrigger property listens for a signal or action event before evaluating if the input port has the specified value.

If you enable WaitTrigger and the statement gets stuck, the robot might have missed signal change event. If you disable WaitTrigger and the statement gets stuck, use the Connect Signals task pane to check the value of the port. If the value is not being changed, there might be conflicting logic OR the script in the machine is not working properly OR could be a bug.

I did a quick test and did not see anything out of ordinary using components from eCatalog. If you are experiencing this with your layout, someone in support can probably help you by looking at the layout.

NB: The connected signals shown in the image that are in up state is what I expect.