Breaking down one product into multiple number of different products

Hello all,

Problem: I have an inclined conveyor shown in the image, from this incline conveyor a cube is transported onto a conveyor below to it. Once this cube entered to (To conveyor in below conveyor) this cube is divided in 1000 different products (multiple product types all together sum to 1000). I am not sure how to do that. creating a product 1000 times is not ideal.

Can someone please help me with a better solution?

Note: There are 8 products
Product 1: 130 Number
product 2: 80 Number so on …

Example_PartBreakDown.vcmx (117.5 KB)

Talked with OP in the support ticket. This is quite interesting, and thank OP for allowing us to share it, this case is for recycling.


Example_PartBreakDown_v2.vcmx (458.6 KB)