Break geometry into pieces



How to break geometry into piece, the trick is Boolean feature intersection operation.

Work flow

  1. Get geometry bound space
  2. Break bound space into small space
  3. Get intersection of each small space with geometry

How to use

  1. Merge all geometries into a single geometry with the name “Geometry”
  2. Select the component and execute the add-on
  3. Pieces should be created, move original component to somewhere
  4. Start simulation, check “AcvitatePhysics” to set pieces’ physics type to “In physics”, uncheck “ActivatePhysics” to set pieces’ physics type to “Kinematic”

** Small space size is fixed for now, you can change it in the file.

Add-on breaks bound space into wedges, you can adapt this approach for your own shape.

Here are the concept add-on and example file. Unzip the add-on to

C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\Visual Components\4.x\My Commands (2.2 KB)
Break into pieces.vcmx (7.7 MB)