I am working with the component BoxGripper. I would like to know if there is some way for me to define 2 closing widths. Forexample, to pick pallets, the gripper joints move 50 mm and then to pick boxes the joints move 300 mm.


Thanks in advance.

If you are programming the robot, the gripper joint is external so you could move the joint to the right offset in Jog panel, and then teach the position. Otherwise, I believe the gripper is supposed to open and close to its Offset property using signals.

But when i plug the gripper to the robot it doesn’t give me one more joint in the jog panel. How can i do that?

I don’t know what component you are using then. Take the Parametric Box Gripper from eCat and connect it to Generic Articulated Robot. In the Jog panel of the robot, the BoxGripper joint should be listed. Verified in 4.0.5

I had to export joint in the modeling tab.

Thanks anyway

There is actually a quite cool component in the eCatalog to grasp components which have different width’s. It’s called: Parametric Box Gripper v2

The only thing that you should probably change are a few minor things in the “Logic” python script of the component. When I’m using the component, I’m changing the lines 44-50 from:

      outSignal.signal( True )
      outSignal.Value = False


      outSignal.signal( False )

Since there are so many components in the eCatalog, it’s hard to know them all! :slight_smile: