Blender Dynamic Object Rendering

I am rendering video with blender in 4k but I can’t render dynamic objects .
Simulation works in virtual speed 0.08 ( 2x in real speed ) .
I am removing and creating products and some cannot be rendered as a object in blender ?

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This issue is being discussed here: Blender 2.80 Addon

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Dynamic components should export to Blender unless they have child components attached to them. Is that the case?

yes It’s the case . I saw in the threads in add-on discussion that it’s not supported.
However, it’s confusing because all dynamic components were visible except the ones with child components.

I have to split the recording to parts and when you skip the creation frame it works very well ! ( a lot of work by the way ! )

if there are multiple frames that you are creating such parts, you should take care of them one by one !


That is unfortunate. Especially if you cannot do it without child components. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.