blender Addon


I tried to setup the blender addon, but I get it not running.

VC Prof 4.0 gives me the following message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “file:///C:/Users/…/Documents/Visual+Components/4.0/My+Commands/Blenderer_2018_07_25/”, line 11, in OnStart
NameError: global name ‘getCommandPath’ is not defined


Thanks for your help!

Hello Vfunzel,

I just tested the Blenderer 25.07.2018 with VC Professional 4.0 and it works correctly.

Have you modified the file? Do you have multiple versions of hte Blenderer addon in My Commands folder?


Hello ImHolms,

thank’s for your feedback.

I just have one Verion/ Folder in “MY Command”.