Best way to close the housing unit on Product

What is the best way for me to close to products Housing cover using a robot. Product is an assembly that is made of two objects: Housing and Electronic Inside. Robot needs to First Close the housing unit (20 mm) and then place full product on separate conveyor.

Product now:

sim.vcmx (2.0 MB)

You can create a robot routine that picks the housing and moves it 20 mm to the side.
Then, use the Run Robot ROutine command to call this routine.

Alternatively, you can modify the robot picking routine so that moving the housing is called from the picking routine.
sim2.vcmx (2.2 MB)

I changed my layout. And Created a new program to close the housing and move the product. I keep getting this message, that product is destroyed. How to I fix this?

SIMULATION.vcmx (1.9 MB)

Something breaks when we modify the housing location with robot commands. In this case, it seems that it’s better not to be sure of process modelling to transport the part but to just rely on normal robot programming.

I had to write a short script that prevented the housing from being mounted on the fixture. Other than that, it’s just executing the pick and place routine.
SIMULATION2.vcmx (1.9 MB)