Best practices collaboration on model

Hello all,

I’m searching for best practices of working together on a VC model.
I was thinking about saving the components in a GIT repository so that everybody can work and update the components and add that folder to the collections of the eCatalog.
If I save the model and uncheck “include components” he will check for components with the correct vcid in the eCatalog, is this correct?

Does someone have advise or experience with collaboration on models?
Thanks in advance.


I would recommend the following.

Do not import several CAD files and save them in one layout. Instead, import each CAD file separately, save it as component, and then use the component in layout.

Connect a source of files to the eCatalog. I would suggest those collaborating connect the same source. If that is not an option, consider turning off “Include components” when working on the layout, and then turning it on when you need to save version of layout that needs to be shared. That will keep your backups relatively small in size.

Work with a drawing. If it is a layout, use the Drawing tab to add drawings and annotations to mark things up for review and make comments. This could also be done to avoid making changes to the 3D model itself until they are needed.

Consider using comparative tool or making one. For example, you could make an add-on that compares layouts and/or components, e.g. to print the differences or visualize them somehow. I have never used WinMerge for this, so not sure if that tool can be used.

Agree beforehand on naming conventions and how to share revisions. A lot of time is wasted in my experience when this is not done in advance.


Thanks for the respons.
Will this also work when I add links/properties/signals to that component?

Yes. To keep things simple, use a file system or service that has a check out system. When component is checked out, the owner can make whatever changes, and then when the component is released or checked back in, the other user can get the latest file and review the changes.