Beckhoff ADS not showing in Visual Components


I had a trial license of 30 days Visual Components premium 4.1. I had to test the PLC connectivity between Visual Components and Twincat 3. I went through the academy lessons for PLC connectivity with local PLC and OPC-Ua server. Unfortunately Beckhoff ads did not show after running Twincat 3 version 3.1.4022.29. The OPC-UA connectivity was successful but the variables defined in Twincat 3 was not showing in Visual Components. I tried both versions of Visual studio 2013 and 2015 but did not work. Is there a add on for Beckhoff ads? Since i have write the report kindly let me know what could be the possible reason for beckhoff ads not showing. Kindly check the attached files.

For OPC UA with TwinCAT 3 you need to define which PLC variables are accessible through the OPC UA server. This can be done with attributes like this:

{attribute ‘OPC.UA.DA’ := ‘1’}
bMemFlag1 : BOOL;

For more information please refer to the Beckhoff’s OPC UA server manual available here:

The ADS connection on the other hand requires some configuration of the VC software because it relies on a specific version of ADS communication dll to be installed on the system, but VC is not allowed to redistribute it with the software. TwinCAT 3 installs some versions of the dll, but that changes over time and there are compatibility issues between versions as well.

See this topic reply for how to do the needed configuration. I have heard that targeting the TwinCAT.Ads dll version “” works best with some recent versions of TwinCAT 3.