Batcher Conveyor problem

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I wanted to create a conveyor that batches products 1 by 1 with an interval of 2 seconds, but I have got a problem with the batcher conveyor.
When the conveyor receives the first box, it stops the box and releases it after the correct release time. But the following 2 boxen just pass the stopper and continue their path. The 4th box stops as I wish, but the 5th en 6th box also just passes the stopper. The only thing I changed is the conveyor capacity in the Logicscript so the conveyor can accept more than 1 product.
Did anyone ever have the same problem and know a solution? Please let me know, I would appreciate it!
I have added a vcmx file and a video where you can see the problem

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SupplyFailure.vcmx (489.0 KB)

Hi @JaccoB ,
I think the logic in the Batcher Conveyor makes it so that the capacity is equal to the batch, here the capacity was on 3, that’s why it lets 3 Products through. So it might be better to not change the script, and use another long conveyor in front of the batcher conveyor, if you want to transport more products.

There are other easy ways you could batch products one by one though. For example you can use a standard Conveyor and a Bladder Stopper or a Process Point which you can find in the Conveyor utilities file in the eCat.


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Hi Tilma,

Thank you for replying! The Process point is a great solution!