Base frame resets after counter increment

I’m modelling a machine in which a robot will pickup a box from a pallet, manipulate the box and then place it on a different pallet. There will be a number of layers, with 6 boxes in each layer. I’m using a “SetBase” statement, to move the base frame down.
The first layer runs perfectly, but when moving to the next layer, it grabs the first box in the layer correctly, but when incrementing the counter, the base frame in question is moved back to it’s original position somehow.
I have narrowed it down to the assign statement in which the counter is incremented.

Are you using component property on assign statement and if so do you have “Rebuild” enabled for that component property? Changing the value for a component property that triggers rebuild will reset tool and base frames. So disable “Rebuild” if this is the case and that might solve your problem.


That does seem to have fixed the issue.
Thank you very much!