Awsome Debug helper!

I quickly created an add-on this morning that basically print all message printed by any script in an other panel. Where you can assign different Severity levels to the print simply by following this standard, (it also prints all normal prints, but they will just be Gray and coming from Component Unknown).

print “3,TestComponent,This is a test”

Or You can test it with the attached tester component.

USE “Ctrl+q” to clear the window at any time.


DebugHelper.mp4 (5.52 MB) (28.6 KB)

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Based on line_outs Debug Helper I try to implement some improvements. -> Thanks line_out! :slight_smile:

The funcionality is almost the same.

The main difference are the new separators in the prints like in the following esxample:

print “3#TestComponent#This is a test”

Hope you like it! (288 KB)