I really like how VC is structured and I think it’s does quite a lot right to implement Industry 4.0 concepts such as asset description, interfaces etc. Some of the most important aspects in this regard are standardization, open access and protocols (for example OPC UA, formalised process descriptions etc.)

One designated standard for asset description and data exchange is AutomationML and I noticed Visual Components is a member of the AutomationML association:

AutomationML describes topology (CAEX), geometry and kinematics (COLLADA) as well as logic (PLCopen XML). VC basically uses all these concepts, however I have not seen official support for AutomationML yet.

Is there any plan to adapt AML or parts of it in the future?

Is there more information about the implementation of AML?
I’m very interested in using Visual Components with AML.

Not going to comment on roadmap in public section of forum, but we can discuss your use cases.

The information from this project is publicly available, but not sure what is listed there on this topic.

What do you want to do with AML in Visual Components? For example, do need it as a way to easily share data with other teams? Is the emphasis on importing and exporting the kinematics, topology and configuration of devices, or PLC related side of AML? Note I am aware TwinCAT already supports import/export of AML and other software as well.

the first thing we want to try is importing/exporting geometry and kinematics for sharing information between teams/programs.

ok. sounds good. can you point to a document or web page on types of products or kinematic systems you have in mind?

For example, something like this

it would also help to know the software used in other teams, e…g use case of Solidworks <> Visual Components <> other, but you can DM me that info or I can contact you directly if you do want to share here.