Autocompletion in PythonScrips for external libraries


is it possible to have autocompletion in the VC Python Scripts for external libraries (os, io, pypyodbc, etc.). This would improve the workflow a lot!

Another nice feature would be a shortcut to go to the function definition (as in Visual Studio -> F12). Is there something like that?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Auto-completion gets definitions from “My Templates”, e.g.

C:\Users%username%\Documents\Visual Components\4.1\My Templates\Python Editor\Auto Complete

You have provide the definitions to those xmls if you like to have more.

Unfortunately, I believe there’s no other way.

@jouha Thank you for your help. I tried to provide an xml for VC, but I could not figure out how to provide it. I tried to add it in the API xml, but this one is generated each time VC is started. I also tried to add an xml with the structure as the API used for the vcScript, but it did not work. Is there a documentation on how to provide the xml?

I created a simple python example “”. It would be very nice if you could create the required xml and share it. (if you have a better example, I am even happier)

In general: It’s unfortunate, that auto-completion is not automatically provided for external libraries. This feature would be very handy!
I see myself preparing an xml for my own libraries, but it’s not worth the effort to provide it for other libraries (os, io, …) “by hand” or with a self written tool.

Thank you in advance for your help! (316 Bytes)

I contacted the support and unfortunately Vivek told me:

“Unfortunately, you cannot extend any external python modules with our API for auto completion.”

It would be really helpfull if an userdefined xml could be added which not will be overwritten… :cry: