Attaching Component To Path In A Different Component


Happy New Year!

I have been struggling with one task that I have to accomplish.

I will explain the situation briefly.

I have a conveyor that I want to make two way conveyors by utilizing a signal to switch direction of the conveyor and one more signal to start or stop the conveyor. I have some clue how to do this but it will be in use to help as well here.

The next is that at some specific point on the conveyor I want to create a components creator which will be creating pallets. I want that pallets to be attached to the two way conveyor path so that I am able to move the pallet when I set direction and start the conveyor. And I want to create components in the component creator by switching a signal as well.

Now the whole situation is the following:

On one of the conveyor ends the components creator creates a pallets which is stationary and is created by setting a signal. Then the conveyor is started, therefore the pallet starts moving and stop at the sensor in the other end, conveyor also stops. Afterwards, when the pallets is filled up, the pallets starts moving and a sensor is triggered when it reaches the end of the conveyor. There, it is supposed to be taken by a forklift (it can simply fall of the conveyor and disappear). When the pallet disappears a signal should create a new pallet and going through the loop again.

I hope you can give me some hints.

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Any suggestions about how to approach this problem?

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Hi @KonstantinKolev
Whats the aim of the project? are you gonna use it for virtual comissioning or do you need it for calculating how many pallets you gonna fill?
If you r not gonna do virtual comissioning then you should you PM or works library and move pallet around easly. You dont need any signal for it too. Just dont make it more complex then it is.

Hi @ozan

The purpose of the project is to simulate the real system in KUKA SIM PRO 3.1.2.

A human will be placing the pallet on to the conveyor and he/she will press a button for the conveyor to bring the pallet to the cell with the robot.

I want to spawn those pallets on the conveyor beginning with a signal as if the human has placed one there.

Then I start the conveyor as if the human has pressed the button.

But since the component creator is a separate component from the conveyor, I have to attach somehow the component created by the creator to the conveyor two way path.

Actually, now I am thinking could it be achieved if I create the component creator in the conveyor component itself?

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hi @KonstantinKolev
Well then you should start to learn modeling cause you gonna need a lot of it. You can write your own python scripts to make system move like you want it to.

Hi @ozan

Now I accomplished the task the following way - my components creator is attached to the end of the conveyor via and PnP Interface and the conveyor two way path grabs the pallet.

Perhaps in the future I will try to integrate the component creator into the conveyor component itself.

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I have been trying to achieve some progress but unfortunately with no luck.

I added a component creator and container in the conveyor component via the Modelling Tab.

I managed to create the pallet and then store it at the container input which is located at a certain coordinate system on the conveyor.

But I am struggling with attaching this component to the two way path of the conveyor. It simply stays at the designated coordinate system.

Any suggestion on this issue to be solved?

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Hi @KonstantinKolev

Look for grab() method in Help file. You need to grab the part with your path.